We bring together the top suppliers in the power electronics hardware
sector and the world’s leading power semiconductor producers. Terra
Firma is not a distributor: we act as the sales arm of our partner
producers. All contracts are concluded between you, the end user and the
component suppliers we introduce.

We are a small team of experts with the technical and linguistic expertise
that enables us to work all over the world to bring together manufacturers
of power semiconductor devices and the world’s leading suppliers of hardware solutions including:

  • Solder and braze preforms in every shape and alloy
  • All housing components: ceramic, copper and plastics
  • Air and water-cooled heat sinks
  • Presision pressings
  • Wire and cold formed parts
  • Evaporation targets
  • etched components
  • precision machining
  • Fine castings and plastic mouldings
  • Cables and connections

You do the electronics, we supply the hardware

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